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Media assistance

Inside a typical radio studio. Photo by Carol M. Highsmith for LoC

Photo credit: Photographs in the Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.

I'm always happy to help with media questions, radio and podcast interviews, and so on. If I can't help, I can often suggest someone who can.

Interview requests

If I'm not otherwise busy, I can do interviews at short notice by Skype, Zoom, Cleanfeed, and so on (for which I have a studio-quality Samson microphone). I live in the UK, where the timezone is either UTC+0 (winter) or UTC+1 (summer). My web server thinks the current UK time is 03:01:36 PM; you can double-check that here.

Press samples

You can find examples of my press work and radio samples on my personal website at

Quick quotes

Lots of journalists quote straight from my articles, but you might like something a bit more personalized? If you'd like a quick quote or soundbite for an article, you're welcome to send me your question(s) in an email and I'll reply ASAP—generally as soon as I read your message. Be sure to tell me your deadline!

Contact me here

Please email urgent media queries (and ONLY media queries) using the contact form on my personal website (for the fastest response) or use the contact form on this site if you prefer (which may take a bit longer to reach me). Please use the second form for any general (non-media) queries.

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