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We love to hear from our readers! However, if you're not a reader but someone trying to buy, sell, or promote things, please kindly note that we do not buy, sell, swap, or accept suggestions for links; we do not take part in referral schemes, affiliate programs, or product placements; we're not in the market for SEO services, business partnerships, advertising networks, or any business-related products or services; we do not accept direct advertising; we do not sell items featured on this website; we are not interested in selling this website or domain; and we do not publish any material (articles, videos, graphics, infographics, or anything similar) produced by other people, paid-for or free. We're very sorry, but we will not reply to any emails on these subjects.

You'll find answers to many common questions on our About us/FAQ page.

Please kindly use this form for all other enquiries. Our mail servers will delete any direct emails, and nothing you send via any other method, or to any address on this domain (or any related domains), will be delivered or read.

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