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We love to hear from our readers! However, if you're not a reader but someone trying to buy, sell, or promote products or services, please kindly note that we do not buy, sell, swap, or accept suggestions for links; we do not take part in referral schemes, affiliate programs, or product placements; we're not in the market for SEO services, business partnerships, advertising networks, or any other business-related products or services; we do not accept direct advertising; we do not sell items featured on this website; we are not interested in selling this website or domain; and we do not publish any material (articles, videos, graphics, infographics, sponsored articles, guest posts, advertorials, or anything similar) produced by other people, paid-for or free. We're very sorry, but we will not generally reply to any emails on these subjects.

You'll find answers to many common questions on our About us/FAQ page.

If you can't see the form below, please email: explainthatstuff-3 at yahoo dot com

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